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This deeply profound and entertaining book is the first release in a series from Michael Ford Jr., where he describes the most astonishing episodes in the lives of ordinary people. You will most certainly find yourself stunned by the worst and best of humanity. Open the pages and find out “What Can Happen in a day”.

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24 – What Can Happen In A Day

Most people know that firefighting is an incredibly dangerous profession.  The popular perception of firefighters is that they are fearless heroes who put their lives on the line to rescue people from burning buildings.  That perception is mostly true. But there is so much more about firefighters that is rarely revealed.  24 – What Can Happen in a Day is a brilliant, intimate look into the daily lives of firefighters, from the experiences of Michael Ford Jr., who rose through the ranks from raw recruit to assistant fire chief. You will ride along with Chief Ford as he illuminates the most interesting, disturbing, and adventurous firefighter escapades. You’ll laugh and wince in sympathy as Ford offers you a behind the scenes view into a world of secrets, failures, misfortune, exhilaration and triumph. You will cheer as you learn to transcend perceived limitations to advance in life.  And more than anything, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as the inspiring, tragic, and shocking best and worst of humanity come to life and cause you to treasure your family in a more significant expression.  Hilarious, profound, and deeply moving… this is a thrill ride you’ll never forget.

93 reviews for 24 What Can Happen In A Day – Books A Million

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